how would you like to tie today?

…biodegradable & low-cost? Choose TIEFIX 100% degradable

Perfect for all kinds of seasonal cultivations (vineyards, orchards etc.). The only one 100% biodegradable: paper absorbs moisture while the wire rusts and decomposes.
Inexpensive: great savings on tying costs (the cheapest ties on the market!) as well as on labor costs, since ties drop off automatically and disintegrate.

…classic? Choose TIEFIX classic

The ideal plastic twist-tie for long-lasting tying (gardens, nurseries, etc.).
Attractively priced: with TIEFIX® tying costs are definetely lower compared to all other plastic tying solutions on the market.
Available also in photodegradable plastic: it drops onto the soil by itself!

…elastic? Choose BANDOFIX

The new elastic and durable anchor band that replaces PVC tube: no more knots! Perfect non-toxic ties you can apply or remove in a flash. Give up with PVC tube and save up to 40% *

* refer to “Informatore Agrario” tech magazine of 26/10/2007, ask for a copy

…automatic? Choose TIEFIX matic

The original reels TIEFIX® for electronic shoot-tyers*.
An unmatchable range has meant to provide you with the best tie at the absolute best price.

* Pellenc AP25 ™, Fixion ™  and compatibles

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PAPER and PLASTIC twist-ties:
ROLLS, SKEINS, pre-cut BUNDLES in all lenght, semi-automatic TYING-PLIERS: RECHARGEABLE DISPENSER with cutter to adapt cut lenght to your needs…

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The very fast non-toxic reusable anchor-band, the one that doesn’t require knots!

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