TIEFIX tying systems for agricolture are the top sellers in Europe since 1960's and the first choice for vine-growers and farmers worldwide. No matter what you need to tie: vine-shoots? Trunks? Branches? Flower bundles? We always have the best solution for you, from a technical, ecological and economical point of view.

TIEFIX-2K, TIEFIX-classic and TIEFIX-Bio can be applied by hand but also automatically with special tools to quicken the task of tying vineyards, orchards
and nurseries:

  1.  Elettronic tyers (such as Pellenc Fixion™, AP25™ or compatibles)

Battery operated, they apply TIEFIX ribbon at an amazing speed. TIEFIX-matic was developed in collaboration with Pellenc™, and is still the top-performing ties, besides being the most attractively priced one. Click here to go to the TIEFIX-matic  page.

  1. Tying Pliers TIEFIX-HD

If you want to tie automatically but at low-cost, TIEFIX-HD semi-automatic tying pliers is the ideal solution, allowing you to apply all TIEFIX ribbons quickly and inexpensively. Its latest version, 3.0, is the only semi-automatic tyer to perform 3 complete twists on the wire ensuring an unprecedented grip even with thinner wires!

By feeding in with TIEFIX-biodegradable,  TIEFIX-classic or TIEFIX-photodegradable rolls, you can dramatically reduce your tying time.

See TIEFIX-HD in operation

Click on the gallery to find out how TIEFIX-HD works

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  1. PRUNFIX tying shears 

When you prefer to tie and prune at the same time, PRUNFIX is the ideal tying solution.

The new Tape Tyer for nurseries: you can tie with a single hand by applying a staple to a plastic tape’s loop.